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Hi guys! How's the world of textured building blocks treating you all? Has anyone somehow finished all of the survival achievements yet?

Well we've been busy and got something new and exciting being added to our donation store. You may have seen me testing them out near the survival rewards area (Im sorry i cant help but publicly show off cool things!) Introducing our Addstar's line of custom pets!

These adorable little companions are just dying to find an owner to accompany you around on your adventures where ever you may go!

We have dozens and dozens of pets planned and will be releasing new batches over the next few months, so there should be something for everybody! Go check out the donation store today! Also we will be working out how to allow all players to earn certain pets in game. Watch for a future post about this!

Visit our Donation Store

Hope you all have with these cute little guys and until next time, keep on digging!


ddheart06 Where is the donation store???
Nunya M The countless hours you guys work to get these extra things is beyond appreciated! So from me (adnap) and Skinny (the e...

Skyblock rewards are here!

add5tar posted Wed at 8:03

Hi Skyblockers!

We recently announced the new Rewards Keys and Voting Keys for survival, and we promised to also release these for Skyblock players.. well here you go!

You can now type /rewards in Skyblock and use your keys to claim Skyblock rewards!

We are still working on bringing the new Achievements system to skyblock, but that is coming soon.

Happy Skyblocking! <3

We're very happy to announce a new fun feature called ArmorStandTools!

This new tool allows you to design some very creative scenes with armour stands 
It's already available in both creative worlds and all comp worlds !!!

What can it do?

  • Easily create statues using armour stands - good for role plays and fun scenes.
  • Adjust their pose just by clicking buttons with your mouse.
  • Equip them with any item in either hand.
  • Have them wear any armour as clothing.

Type /ast to get the tools, be sure to read all the information and item descriptions.

You can also now create custom heads with the /head command.

NikkiGamer101 O I LOVE THIS UPDATE!!! IT'S SO FUN TO PLAY AROUND WITH!! But where'd the sitting in stairs update go? D: I love...
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