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Hi everyone,

We truly appreciate all the generous contributions that we receive, but unfortunately, recently we've had trouble meeting our donation goal each month. Hosting costs are very expensive in Australia and so our costs can be considerably highly than US servers. It's important to know that all of the money we receive from donations goes into running the server. If you enjoy AddstarMC and want to help us continue running, please consider donating.

We'd also like suggestions of things that might encourage donations or more player interest.
Please comment on this forum post or use the Contact Us form if you'd like to make a private suggestion.

Finally, I'd like to say thank you to this amazing community <3


Grimeton There have been plenty of suggestions before, but all of that probability now faded away, and stuck on the bottom of the...

»» NEW!! Post pics of your Mini Pet here and suggest new ones! ««

Hi everyone!

You asked for it, and now it's here!! Some of you have been asking us to make a dragon pet, so we've been hard at work in the magic pet factory to build the cutest dragon pet we could think of! This little guy is as ferocious as he is adorable!

Please visit our Donation Store to see our huge selection of Mini Pets! :)

If you don't already know about Mini Pets, you should read this post first.


DragnLord89 Wow this dragon pet has far exceeded any expectations I had guys a truely amazing creation. He looks so perfect!!! Ty ty...
NikkiGamer101 Thats so creative looking, i love how the wings dont actually attach to the body, it makes it look more cool and mystica...
_Flaxen Yay! Awesome work admins, thank you for all the improvements and features! :)

Some may remember the Blockhunt hide and seek game.  It stopped working a while back when Mojang released Minecraft 1.9.  Thanks to the magic of interoperability ... it's working again!  Access from the Games server using either the Blockhunt portal or the bookcase on the compass.

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